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Professional Property Clearance Covering Cornwall & throughout the South West | Call us on 07973 116 462 or Email Here

Property Clearance West Cornwall

House Clearances in Hayle, Camborne, Newquay, Truro, Redruth and surrounding areas.
We can usually also cater for out of hours services such as weekends and evenings.

Don’t feel overwhelmed!

At Westcoast Clearance  we are experienced at dealing with clearing extremely cluttered properties on behalf of our clients. It can seem like a hopeless task, but don’t worry - it isn’t! The property can be cleared by us without any fuss or bother. Even in situations where it is impossible to get into areas or whole floors of the property.

Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome

It is quite an undertaking to arrange to clear a property that belonged to a family member with compulsive hoarding syndrome. Compulsive hoarding refers to the excessive acquisition of relatively worthless items, which eventually results in the deterioration of living space and the daily activities of affected individuals. Hoarding is a common condition that exists as a distinct psychological syndrome, which is often characterized by onset in old age. In some cases the hoarder’s home is dangerous to enter due to the risk of collapse of stacked materials, and especially if there is a hazardous component to the materials, such as chemicals and bio waste.

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